Thursday, October 09, 2014


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Jesu - Conqueror 2xLP + T-Shirt / Bundle
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GODFLESH - Decline & Fall CS

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Friday, September 12, 2014

BORIS with MERZBOW - Sun Baked Snow Cave 2xLP

Boris with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave 2xLP
Sun Baked Snow Cave 2xLP
September 23rd, 2014

- First time on vinyl, limited to 1200!
- Includes instant download!

What truly inspired an hour-plus collaboration between two of the most respected names in extreme experimentation? The album itself contains a statement that says it all:

“A story like this deserves to be born.”

Japanese doom radicals Boris have spent more than two decades releasing wildly diverse music that’s mesmerized audiences clamoring for sludge, rock or unbridled pop. Their impressive and extensive release history, though, pales in comparison to Merzbow aka Masami Akita. The noise paragon has almost 400 releases to his name, and over the course of 35 ear-tattered years he’s influenced multiple generations of artists and musicians.

After these two forces first came together in 2002 for the landmark Megatone album, they spent years perfecting a worthy follow-up. And in 2005, Sun Baked Snow Cave was the overwhelming culmination. Considering that these two forces are capable of eradicating most any listener, the album at first seems like a striking illustration of restraint and reflection. But the lonesome, mournful void of a strummed acoustic guitar is soon enough smothered by drones and swarms of feedback that intertwine with pulsating, yowling electronics – two worlds that both harmonize and struggle against each other. The sound of visionaries trying to draw blood.

Artwork by Stephen O'Malley

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hydra Head Summer Sale

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Meanwhile, in our other store:
Real Tomato Ketchup
Neurosis / Soilent Green 7
HHR Secret 7" Series repress.  
Edition of 220.  

We have initiated a new vinyl series at HHR. Utilizing leftover vinyl from previous pressings we have created small run editions of out of print releases. Each release will bis packaged in letterpress printed HHR vinyl jackets, hand numbered, and customized with hand stamped text and new artwork by Aaron Turner.

This installment is the split 7" by Neurosis and Soilent Green. Original released as Vol VI of the "In These Black Days" 7" series. Both bands covering Sabbath. Both tracks exclusive to this release. Real real heavy. Yes.

Helms Alee 7
HELMS ALEE - Truely/Lionize 7" 
HHR Secret 7" Series repress. 
Edition of 120. 

We have initiated a new vinyl series at HHR. Utilizing leftover vinyl from previous pressings we have created small run editions of out of print releases. Each release will bis packaged in letterpress printed HHR vinyl jackets, hand numbered, and customized with hand stamped text and new artwork by Aaron Turner. 

This installment is the 2008 7" Hydra Debut of Helms Alee. Two stellar anthems from these Northwest natives. Portents of the greatness to come, and great in their own right. Get down!



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Friday, August 08, 2014


Holy moly, Drowningman are playing shows!
Starting tomorrow in Brooklyn at St. Vitus!

Aug. 9th St. Vitus, Brooklyn, NY with Pilot to Gunner & As We Were
Aug. 15th Signal Kitchen, Burlington VT with As We Were, Surrounded by Teeth and Zero Circle
Aug. 16th Middle East Upstairs, Boston with As We Were &Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan. 

Here is some classic footage of them playing Hellfest 2000:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NIHILL - Grønd 2xLP

GRØND, chapter two in a trilogy, is an album wholly developed through a process of withering abstraction. The instrumentation renders a forceful merging of massive celestial bodies, each a whirling cacophony of inter-dimensional conjuring. After digesting the lyrics in accordance, what used to sound like the swinging of a pendulum, rather depicts a birth of an unknowable origin... a spectral and magnetic void. Nihill, an outfit firmly entrenched in the European underground, travels freely from one metal sub-genre to the next, effectively dispensing with the notion of a genre specific work all together.

The reflexive nature with which Nihill makes these connections puts them beyond the boundaries of simple categorization. GRØND is at once: black metal, drone, doom, noise, and even hints at martial industrialism; arriving at something resembling mechanistic dark ambient as much as traditional black metal. If this unique work need suffer comparison for the sake of cognition, Nihill's nearest contemporaries are the likes of Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega and the more obtuse of America's own Leviathan.

Moreover, rather than confining the moods and ideas therein to the nullifying constructs of a conventional metal record, GRØND offers the listener the opportunity to perceive things beyond physicality, an experience closer to metaphysical awakening than base entertainment. Into the void indeed....

First vinyl pressing
Limited to 600

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Records and Merch from GODFLESH, & THE AUSTERITY PROGRAM!

It's a big week for drum machines!

J K Broadrick's most-recognized band, the influential and innovative GODFLESH- who formed in 1988 with bassist Ben Green, disbanded in 2002 and reformed in 2010 - present Decline & Fall 4 brand new tracks on a 23 minute mini album.
These industrial metal titans pick up right where they left off with more pummeling beats and distortion.

Over a decade and a half of playing together and now the band puts out their best release. The humor is much bleaker, the musical range is a lot sharper, and the drum machine is really well beyond its natural limits. It took four years to write and was put on tape over a week and a half in November 2013. They took the trouble to record it as clearly as they could so that you can listen to it at absolute top volume.
If you like Godflesh and Big Black, this will tickle your eardrums just right.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Records and Merch from BOTCH, CAVE IN, and KHLYST!

Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends 12
An Anthology of Dead Ends 12" 
- Web Exclusive Black & Blue vinyl!
BOTCH - Limited Edition mineral wash t-shirt
Limited Edition mineral wash T-shirt
Botch - Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP
Unifying Themes Redux 2xLP
- Web Exclusive Clear Orange vinyl!
BOTCH - Limited Edition windbreaker
Limited Edition windbreaker
Cave In - Jupiter LP+12
Jupiter LP+12"
- Web Exclusive Clear vinyl!
Cave In - halo of flies t-shirt
Halo of Flies t-shirt
(not new, but it's awesome) 
Khlyst - Chaos Is My Name LP
Chaos Is My Name LP
- Web Exclusive Black / Silver vinyl!
Khlyst - Chaos T-shirt
Chaos T-shirt